Descendants of Captain Arthur Fenner

William Fenner & Christian Arnold

[b ca. 1714; d between Jan. and June 1779] William became a lieutenant in 1746, captain ca. 1757-60. His will contains a lengthy religious speech, as was customary in those days. His wife, Christian Arnold [b ca. 1716-1722; d 25 Sept. 1779] was the daughter of Stephen Arnold, who was the son of Governor Benedict Arnold. William’s farm was near the Major Thomas Fenner farm.

1. William Jr. [b ca. 1736-1745; d  ca. 1794] m Susanna Barton.
2. Christian [b ca. 1737; d young].
3. Richard [b ca. 1740].
4. Penelope [b ca. 1745; d after 1799].
5. Phebe [b ca. 1750; d 15 Nov. 1776 in her 27th yr.] m Nicholas Carpenter on 30 Dec. 1770. They had three children.
6. Christiana [b ca. 1754] m Josiah or Joseph Thornton.
7. Stephen [b ca. 1754; d 22 Oct. 1823] m Mary Fenner, daughter of Arthur Fenner [1741-1827].
8. Lydia [b 1756; d 7 Jan. 1822] m Edward Waterman, son of Col. John Waterman and Sarah Fenner [1732-1770].
9. Robey [b ca. 1758-1768; d 29 Sept. 1798] married Lorey Fenner.

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a. Rick Buckingham, Genealogy, 6.
b. The register of the 1st Baptist Church in America, Providence, RI, shows Christian Arnold as the wife of Thomas Fenner, William’s father. The record is not numbered, and it is printed with a ball point pen. This card was probably reprinted from an earlier card. It is possible that this is an error in transferring information; other cards from the same time period were printed with calligraphic text and were numbered.
c. Martha Benns, Notes on the Fenner Family of R.I. (1941), pp. 7, 14. Martha shows Penelope married to Thomas Williams, but she shows the same Thomas Williams as married to Penelope, daughter of Asahel Fenner (1737-1767) and Rhobe Sarle.