Descendants of Captain Arthur Fenner

Stanley Duane Fenner


[b 26 Sept. 1931; d 6 June 2016] Stanley Duane Fenner m 1st June Mills of Houston, TX in 1954; m 2nd Kimberly — in 1958; m 3rd Linda — in 1971. Stanley joined the Marine Corps and was in combat in the Korean War, which began in 1950. He returned home without a scratch.

He is the most giving, Christ-centered man I have ever known. I remember being puzzled watching him drop a couple of dollars on the floor at a diner. A few moments later, a man in tattered clothing passed by and Stan asked him if he dropped the money. The man said no. Stan picked it up and gave it to him, saying, "Here, I think you dropped this."

Stan's 18th birthday was celebrated near Seoul, Korea, where he threw his first hand grenade in combat. I remember while camping with him, he was washing a pan in a creek,, when he looked up quickly, looked at me, and told how the cold water brought back a vivid image of one of his fellow marines lying dead in an icy stream near Chosin. Yes, Stan was one of the Chosin few.

—Geoffrey Fenner

Child by June Mills:

1. Gordon Scott Fenner.

Children by Kimberly:

2. Randall Aaron [b 29 Dec. 1959 at Dayton, OH].
3. Suzanne Lelani [b 1961 at Honolulu, Hawaii].
4. Geoffrey [b 1966 in Texas].

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