Fenner Trees of Unknown Origin


A—Lorey Fenner and Robey Fenner, Harriet Burton
B—Alexander Hamilton Fenner
C—Jeremiah Fenner and Peniah Thornton
D—James L. Fenner and Betsy Perry
E—Luther Fenner and Ida Bitgood
F—Joseph Fenner and Clarissa Galpin

A—Lorey Fenner and Robey Fenner, Harriet Burton


[b 1764; d 8 June 1831] Lorey Fenner m 1st Robey Fenner [b ca. 1769*; d 29 Sept. 1798 in her 30th yr. at Cranston], a descendant of Captain Arthur. Lorey's will in 1810 names Prudence as an heir. Lorey m 2nd Harriet Burton [d 14 July 1835], ca. 1800.

Child by Lorey and Robey Fenner
1. Robey; m William Kent on 11 June 1846.

Children by Lorey Fenner and Harriet Burton
2. Harriet [b 1801; d 25 July 1856, age 63?].
3. Samuel W. [b 1803; d 1880]; m Almira Boss. > A-13

[b 1803; d 1880] Samuel Fenner m Almira Boss [b 1820; d 1912], daughter of Charles Boss, on 15 Aug. 1841 at Warwick, RI.
1. Maria D. [b 1843; d 1907].
2. Sterry “Sandy” Arnold [b 1845 at Warwick, RI; d 28 Nov. 1917]. > A-132
3. Mercy [b ca. 1844].
4. Stacy [b ca. 1845].
5. John J. [b 1850; d 24 Aug. 1878].
6. Lizzie [b 1851].
7. Diana [b 1854; d 1908].
8. Samuel [b 1856; d 20 Feb. 1859, age 3 yrs., 11 mos., 21 days].
9. Martha [b 1860]. 

Sandy Fenner Hotel, 976 Park Street, Cranston, RI (June 4, 1934)

[b 1845 at Warwick, RI; d 28 Nov. 1917] Sterry (“Sandy”) was owner of the Sandy Fenner Hotel (right). He m 1st Harriet H. [b 1861; d 1890]; m 2nd Susan L. Grouard [b 1856 in MA] on 20 Dec. 1876. In 1880, he was listed as a liqour dealer. In 1913, he lived at 976 Park Street, Cranston, RI (the hotel). He served in the Cival War as a private, 12th Infantry, Company C. Sterry and Harriet are buried in Pocasset Cemetery, Providence, RI. The hotel was demolished in 1934.

Notes on the descendants of Lorey Fenner

1. Martha Benns, Notes on the Fenner Family of R.I. (1941), pp. 14, 58.
2. Email from Richard Arthur Fenner to Chris Fenner, 28 Aug. 2004.
3. Email from Richard Arthur Fenner to Chris Fenner, 5 March 2008. 
(*) Date of birth calculated from death record. 


B—Alexander Hamilton Fenner



1. Daniel
2. Elhanen

A. George.
B. Frank [d ca. 1902]; m Mary Nichols.

i. Claude; lived in Flushing, MI.
ii. Alton; lived in Mt. Morris, MI.
iii. Margaret; lived in Flint, MI.
iv. Luella; lived in Flint, MI.
v. Homer [b 1897; d Feb. 1962, age 62 in Flint, MI]; m Maude.

a. Ruth; lived in Flint, MI.
b. Homer Clayton; lived in Flint, MI. Had Homer K.

1. Eva Fenner, Notes, p. 879, letter to Eva Fenner from Maude Fenner
2. Email from Richard Arthur Fenner, 10 Jan. 2016, gives three other children of Alexander: Olive, James, Orlando.

C—Jeremiah Fenner and Peniah Thornton



[b 8 Nov. 1761; d 8 Dec. 1830 age 69 yrs., 30 days] Jeremiah Fenner m Peniah Thornton [b 14 Feb. 1767; d 27 Oct. 1809], daughter of Richard and Meribah Thornton. His will is dated 8 June 1830. Jeremian and Peniah are buried in Rhode Island Historical Cemetery No. 12 (Providence, RI).

In 1790, he is listed with one male under 16 and two females (Peniah, Meribah). In 1800, he is listed with one male age 10-15 (Asa), one male 26-44 (himself),  four females under age 10 (Maria, Sophia, Abby, Eliza?), one female 10-15 (Meribah), and one female 26-44 (Peniah). In 1830, he was living with one female 20-29 (probably Lucina), one female 30-39 (probably Abby).

1. Asa [b 20 Apr. 1786; d 21 June 1856]; m Rebecca Allen. > C-11
2. Meribah [b ca. 1789;* d Aug. 1863 age 74]; m Nehemiah Waterman [b ca. 1785;* d 14 Aug. 1819 in his 35th yr.].
3. Maria [b ca. 1791; d 23 Apr. 1806 age 15].
4. Sophia [b Aug. 1796; d 24 Nov. 1807 age 11 yrs., 3 mos.].
5. Abby [b 1798; d 13 Aug. 1887 in her 90th yr.]; m Caleb Hathaway [b ca. 1803;* d 18 Aug. 1869 in his 67th yr.] on 15 Aug. 1830.
6. Eliza [b ca. 1800]; m Laban Thornton [b before 1800]. They had Edmund [b 1823; d 20 Feb. 1863] and Albert A. [b 1824; d 22 Sept. 1859].
7. Richard J. [b 1804; d 24 Apr. 1860 age 55]; married three times. > C-17
8. Lucina.

Sources for this family and their descendants below:
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[b 20 Apr. 1786 at Johnston, RI; d 21 June 1856 at Center Lisle, NY] Asa Fenner m Rebecca Allen [b 20 June 1790 at Bristol, RI], daughter of James and Sarah Allen, on 9 May 1808. In 1820, he had two males under 10 (William, James), one male under 16 (Allen), one male 26-44 (himself), one female under 10 (Rebecca), and one female 26-44 (his wife), 

1. Sally [b 1809; d 27 Feb. 1810 at Providence, RI]
2. Allen [b 1810; d 3 Sept. 1885 in Center Lisle, NY]; m Rhoda — [b 1812; d 6 May 1885 in Center Lisle, NY].
3. William [b 19 Sept. 1811; d 23 Aug. 1882]; married three times. > C-113
4. Rebecca [b 5 Sept. 1813 at Bristol, RI; d 28 July 1855]; m Brigham Livermore on 9 Feb. 1832.
5. James A. [b 10 Nov. 1813 in NY; d 12 Sept. 1906 in NY]; m Rachel H. Taylor [b 25 Feb. 1832 in NY; d 11 May 1909 in NY].
6. Francis [b 1822; d 3 Sept. 1892]; m Mary Brooks. > C-116
7. Henry Alfred [b 1825]; m Mary. > C-117

1. U.S. Census, 1820, Bristol, RI; 1880, Lisle, NY



[b 1804; d 24 Apr. 1860 age 55] Richard J. Fenner m 1st Lydia Allen [b ca. 1808;* d 29 Jan. 1848 age 40], daughter of James and Sarah Allen, on 4 Oct. 1826. He m 2nd Mary N. Northrup [b ca. 1812;* d 1 Feb. 1853 age 41] on 6 Jan. 1850. He m 3rd Sophronia Estabrooks on 28 May 1854. Richard’s will, dated 23 Apr. 1860 and proved 30 Apr. 1860, mentions wife Sophronia and unnamed children, except Jeremiah.

Children by Lydia Allen:
1. Sarah [b ca. 1832;* d 21 Feb. 1850 age 18].
2. Leander [b May 1834;* d 14 Nov. 1836 age 2 yrs., 6 mos.].
3. Amey E. [b ca. 1840;* d 19 Dec. 1898 age 58 at Scituate].

Child by Sophronia:
4. Jeremiah; lived in Lisle, NY.



[b 19 Sept. 1811 in Bristol, RI; d 23 Aug. 1882 at Homer, NY] William m 1st Adeline Livermore [d 17 May 1845] on 19 Dec. 1832. He m 2nd Martha J. Whitcomb [b Apr. 1823; d 18 Dec. 1857].

Children by Adeline:
1. George Livermore [b 1836; d 8 Apr. 1862]. Unmarried.
2. Ann Eliza [b 18 Feb. 1838; d 14 Mar. 1878]; m George Brigham Livermore, son of Brigham Livermore. Two children.
3. Leander [b 1840; d 24 Dec. 1861]. Unmarried.
4. Charles W. [b 1842; d 9 Feb. 1862]. Unmarried.
5. Frederick [b 17 May 1844]; m Hattie VanHorn.

Children by Martha:
6. William [b 1849; d 13 Feb. 1862].
7. Adaline W. [b 1851; d 31 Mar. 1862].
8. Calvin [b 1855; d 11 Feb. 1862].
9. James Whitcomb [b 1 July 1856 at Center Lisle, NY; d 24 Mar. 1902 at Fitzgerald, GA]; m Jennie Dennison [b 1859 at Homer, NY; d 1897 at Holly, NY]. They had Earl William [b 25 Feb. 1890 at Homer, NY; d 4 July 1928], who m Eva Elnora Jerrett [b 25 Aug. 1893 at Scriba, NY; d 5 Jan. 1958 at Syracuse, NY] on 25 Jan. 1912.



[b1822; d 3 Sept. 1892] Francis m Mary Brooks, daughter of Rev. Bethuel Brooks.

1. Jeremiah [b 19 Dec. 1849 at Centre Lisle, NY]; m Harriet Braw.
2. Idelina [b 8 May 1855]; m Walter Bronson.
3. Earlman [b 4 Nov. 1860; d 27 June 1935]; m 1st Maude Smith, daughter of Merritt F. Smith and Mary Minor. He m 2nd Cora Howard, daughter of Thomas and Mary Howard.



Henry [b 1825 in NY] m Mary A. [b 1827 in NY].

1. Sarah Adeline [b 28 Nov. 1850 in Broome Co., NY; d 10 Feb. 1862 in Broome Co., NY]; died of diptheria.
2. Lyman C. [b 30 Nov. 1855 in Broome Co., NY; d 10 Feb. 1862 in Broome Co., NY]; died of diptheria.
3. Arthur D. [b 5 Feb. 1859; d 23 Jan. 1924 in Ithaca, NY]; m Anna A. — [b 1855; d 24 Apr. 1941].

FindAGrave, No. 96314790

D—James L. Fenner and Betsy Perry


A detailed narrative of this line is described in Lucinda T. Fenner, History of the Fenner Family (1908) | PDF



[b 20 May 1777 in RI; d 16 Jan. 1851 at Lysander, NY] James m Betsy Perry [b 18 June 1780 at Dighton, MA; d 16 Mar. 1849], a relative of Commodore Perry of naval fame, on 22 Feb. 1801. His ancestors were probably English settlers in Long Island, NY.

[James] was at one time engaged in the coast trade, going by vessel from Rhode Island to North Carolina. One time he with another man went up the Connecticut River 100 miles beyond any settlement or dwelling, and there built a rude log house. They passed the winter in felling government timber which they made into shingles. With the return of spring and the opening of navigation, they built a raft and floated them down the river and sold them.

… Their only means of transporting food was a skiff, and in this they carried flour for bread, and beans. Years after, when his oldest grandchild, Stephen F. Washburn, used to say he did not like bean soup, his grandfather would tell him of his winter in the woods, with its monotonous bill of fare in which bean soup invariably formed a part. [Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family (1908), p. 8.]

After marrying Betsy, James and his family moved to Manlius, NY, where he worked as a millwright. James also owned land in Pompey, and lived there prior to 1818. In 1818, he sold his land in Pompey and moved to Lysander, NY. James went first with his older sons and his oldest daughter, Betsy. Betsy, who was 14 at the time, was the caretaker of the house until it was finished and the mother and younger children could come to live permanently. “We can imagine that added to the hard work which fell to her lot in those days there must have been some lonely hours to this young girl away from the wise and kindly counsel of her mother, with no companions of her age, and we can but admire her courage and ability.” In Lysander, James owned a large tract of land; he built saw mills and grist mills, established orchards, and erected other buildings; this time his sons were old enough to help.

1. Betsy [b 25 July 1803; d 20 Mar. 1847]; m Luther Washburn. > D-11
2. James, Jr. [b 14 Sept. 1805; d 11 May 1856]; m Mary M. Fuller. > D-12
3. John L. [b 1 Dec. 1807 at Pompey, NY]; m Zilpha H. Washburn. > D-13
4. Darius P. [b 12 Oct. 1809 at Pompey, NY]; m Candace A. Whitman. > D-14
5. Federick W. [b 11 Sept. 1811; d 24 Feb. 1876]; m Eleanor S. Schenck. > D-15
6. Russel B. [b 9 Feb. 1814 at Pompey, NY]; m Hannah V. Schenck. > D-16
7. Harriet J. [b 21 Sept. 1816 at Pompey, NY]; m Reuben H. Gifford. > D-17
8. Luther W. [b 14 May 1820 at Lysander, NY]; m Elizabeth Fink. > D-18
9. Ethelannah [b 21 July 1822 at Lysander, NY]; m Wells Blackman. > D-19

1. James was originally believed to be the son of Asahel Fenner and Rhobe Sarle, but this is not possible because Asahel died before this James was born. A more likely candidate is Antram Fenner (1758-1780). Having come from Rhode Island, James is more than likely a descendant of Capt. Arthur, although the exact connection has been elusive.
2. Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family (1908).
3. Email from Richard Arthur Fenner to Chris Fenner, 5 March 2008, which includes data from History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of their Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia: D. W. Ensign & Co. 1880. Press of J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia. 
4. See also the biographical sketch at findagrave.com, no. 27076366


Mary M. (Fuller) Fenner


[b 25 July 1803 at Manlius, NY; d 20 Mar. 1847 at Granby, NY] On 7 Nov. 1847, Betsy Fenner m Luther Washburn. When Betsy was only 14, she went with her father and a few of her brothers to prepare a new home in Lysander, NY. She and Luther lived in Granby, Oswego Co., NY. They had two children, Stephen F. and Sarah F.



[b 14 Sept. 1805 at Pompey, NY; d 11 May 1856 at Lysander, NY] On 5 Nov. 1842, James L. Fenner m Mary Fuller [b Mar. 1817; d 15 Jan. 1886] of Lysander. “He was a man of great energy, and at the age of 51 years, his health broke down under the severe labor which he imposed on himself.” Mary m — Simmons after James died.

1. James F. [b 1842; d March 1859].
2. Milton.
3. Henry.


John L. Fenner


[b 1 Dec. 1807 at Pompey, NY; d 11 May 1885] John and moved with his family to Lysander, NY at the age of 11. On 12 Mar. 1833, he m Zilpha H. Washburn [b 9 Apr. 1812; d 24 Aug. 1890]. John built a large farmhouse and barn. A great many buildings were erected and the services of John L. Fenner were in great demand at raisings. There was no one in all that section of country who equalled him in doing work of that kind, and his presence at a raising was a guarantee that the work would go forward all right. John was known for standing on his head on top of the roofs of newly completed buildings. He was also an excellent horse trainer, and he kept up with American politics. The family is buried at Jacksonville Cemetery in Lysander, NY.

1. Jane [b 1834]; m — DeGroff. They had Edna [b 1863; d 1887], Hervey [b 1880; d 1897], and Peter [b 1853; d 1911], who married Luella C. — [b 1855; d 1938].
2. Harriet [b 7 June 1836; d 1 Dec. 1881]; m Seymore H. Glass [d 21 June 1864]. They had one child.
3. Betsy [12 Mar. 1844 at Lysander, NY]; m Herbert Luke Schenck.
4. Sabra Ann [b 1851; d 1918]; m Cassius House [b 1849; d 1909]. Had Nora [b 1872; d 1900], Mina [b 18 Apr. 1874; d 3 July 1881], and Lena [b 1874; d 1952].



Darius P. Fenner

[b 12 Oct. 1809 at Pompey, NY] Darius P. Fenner m Candace A. Whitman on 24 Aug. 1839. They went to the recently established and largely unsettled state of Michigan in search of a home. “With the exception of a neighbor who lived [nearby], there were no neighbors within 3 or 4 miles.”

Indians often came to see them. Darius being a mechanic, had all the necessary tools, among them a grindstone which was kept in one corner of the house. Some indians were paying them a visit one day, when a stalwart one of the their number, drawing a bowie knife from his belt, stepped to the grindstone and began sharpening it, the young wife in the meantime not knowing but the act betokened her murder; however, no harm came to any one from the sharpening of the knife, but she was very glad to see the indian depart. The indians generally were friendly except when intoxicated. Wild animals, especially wolves, frequently came very near the house. [Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family, p. 20]

By the time Darius died, the land around them had been settled, railroad tracks ran through town, and a telegraph and post office had been established.



Frederick & Eleanor Fenner

[b 9 Sept. 1811 at Pompey, NY; d 24 Feb. 1876] FrederickW. Fenner m Eleanor Schenck [b 30 Apr. 1815; d 31 Dec. 1899 at Jacksonville, NY] on 26 June 1834. He was “…an earnest advocate of reform and a prominent temperance worker, alive to all educational progress.” The governor appointed him as Superintendent of Schools for the town. Frederick’s house still stands at 8734 Fenner Road. It has been restored and modernized in many ways. Eleanor was the daughter of Rulef Schenck [b 1776 at Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ; d 15 Apr. 1852 at Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY] and Elsie Baird [b 8 Mar. 1785 at Millstone, Somerset Co., NJ; d 1857]. She was the sister of Dr. — Shenck and had m 1st Perry Hazard Hinsdale.

1. Frederick Byron [b 7 Feb. 1835; d 30 May 1836].
2. James Rulef [b 12 Aug. 1836 at Lysander, NY; d 1 Mar. 1909 at Delphi Falls, NY].
3. Avis Melissa [b 6 June 1839 at Lysander, NY; d 1928].
4. Ellen A. [b 1839; d 1897].
5. Sarah Ellen [b 3 Sept. 1841 at Lysander, NY; d 1897]; m Sylvester A. Vedder. > D-155
6. Eliza M. [b 1847; d 1917].
7. Frederick William [b 11 June 1847 at Lysander, NY; d 1913]; m Eliza Day.
8. Franklin Eddy [b 15 Apr. 1853 at Lysander, NY; d 10 Apr. 1857].

1. Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family (1908).
2. Frederick B.’s dates from Jacksonville Cemetery in Lysander, NY.
3. Email from David Gibler to Chris Fenner on 6 Jan. 2004, citing The Ancestors and Descendants of Rulef Schenck: a Genealogy of the Onondaga County, New York, Branch of the Schenck family. Detroit, MI: unknown publisher, 1911.



[b 9 Feb. 1814 at Pompey, NY; d 27 Mar. 1896 at Plainwell, MI] Russel m Hannah V. Schenck [b 13 Aug. 1817; d 25 Apr. 1898], daughter of Rulef Schenck and Elsie Baird. on 28 Sept. 1837. In 1841, Russel bought and improved fifty acres of land, but in 1844 he traded it for one hundred forty acres of wild land in Martin, Allegan Co., MI that his father had purchased. “The appearance of the country was anything but inviting to the young couple who had left parents, brothers, sisters, and the friends of their youth in a well-settled neighborhood, to seek a home in the unbroken wilderness.” Russel built a log house within a couple of months and also built the first saw mill in the town, but he turned his attention to farming after about four years.

There were many indians in the country at that time, and they often came for him to take his dog and go with them to catch the deer which they had wounded. The Squaws sometimes came to the house with their baskets, trading them with Mrs. Fenner for salt pork, flour, or such eatables as he had. The indians often wanted to stay all night, and frequently they were allowed to roll up in their blankets and sleep beside the kitchen fire. [Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family, 132-5]

After they lived in Martin for nine years, they moved to North Gun Plains. Russel was an intelligent man and had a keen insight into human nature. Besides his interest in agriculture, he was also interested in medical science. He and Hannah helped to contribute to meetings held in the schoolhouse by aiding in the singing and encouraging others to help. Russel was also a loyal Democrat, a road commissioner for three years, and a justice of the peace for eleven.

“It was a delightful custom for many years before his death to have the children, grandchildren, and the other relatives gather [at his home] on his birth-day.” On 28 Sept. 1887, he and his wife celebrated 50 years of marriage with a golden wedding.

1. Byron R. [b 4 Mar. 1839 at Lysander, NY].
2. Eliza E. [b 1 Apr. 1842 at Lysander, NY].
3. William P. [b 22 Dec. 1844 at Lysander, NY].
4. Rulef James [b 17 Sept. 1850 at Martin, MI].
5. Franklin M. [b 11 Oct. 1854 at Martin, MI].

1. Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family (1908).


Harriet J. Fenner


[b 21 Sept. 1816 at Pompey, NY; d 11 Oct. 1898] On 26 Nov. 1837, Harriet J. Fenner m Reuben H. Gifford [d 30 Mar. 1895]. They lived for a while in Jacksonville, NY, before moving to a place near White’s sawmill. In 1848 or 1849 they moved to a farm near South Hannibal, where they finally settled. They had George and Darius.


[b 14 May 1820 at Lysander, NY; d 29 Apr. 1900] Luther m Elizabeth Fink [d Oct. 1888] on Christmas Day at Little Falls, NY. He owned a farm in Martin, MI for a few years, then he moved to Wayland, MI. Luther was extremely interested in the study of medicine. “He knew every plant of the fields and woods, and it was a delight to him to gather and prepare them for use.” Luther and Elizabeth had no children.


[b 21 July 1822 at Lysander, NY; d 20 Jan 1862] Ethalanna Fenner m Wells Blackman on 8 Mar. 1860 at Syracuse, NY. She later moved to the Northern part of Minnesota. Ethalanna and Wells had no children.


[b 3 Sept. 1841 at Lysander, NY] Sarah Ellen Fenner m Sylvester A. Vedder [b 19 Sept. 1834 at Plainville, NY; d 19 Mar. 1907 at Carrollton, IL], son of Frances P. Vedder and Wilmina Terhume, on 8 Sept. 1863.

1. Frederick Fenner [b 26 Oct. 1866 at Carrollton, IL]; m Cornelia Edna Vertees on 25 Mar. 1892 at Carrollton, IL.
2. Nicholas [b 19 Oct. 1868; d 20 Oct. 1868 at Carrollton, IL].
3. Wilmina Wyckoff [b 17 Sept. 1872 at Carrollton, IL]; m John Cowan Wilson on 28 Sept. 1877 at Carrollton, IL.
4. Ross Sylvester [b 8 Nov. 1874 at Carrollton, IL]; m Kathleen Witherbee [b 9 June 1880 at Port Henry, NY] on 22 Aug. 1900 at Carrollton, IL.
5. George Barry [b 25 Jan. 1878 at Carrollton, IL; d 26 Aug. 1898 at Carrollton, IL].
6. Neil Davis [b 29 Oct. 1880 at Carrollton, IL]; m Edna Rumrill on 6 June 1906 at Carrollton, IL.
7. Clyde Byron [b 25 July 1883 at Carrollton, IL; d 5 Jan. 1885 at Carrollton, IL].

1. Email from David Gibler to Chris Fenner on 6 Jan. 2004, citing The Ancestors and Descendants of Rulef Schenck: A Genealogy of the Onondaga County, New York, Branch of the Schenck Family. Detroit, MI: unknown publisher, 1911.

E—Luther Fenner and Ida Bitgood



[b 1817] Luther m Lucy Ida Bitgood [b 10 June 1825 at Voluntown, CT], daughter of Samuel Bitgood and Susan Clark.

1. Susan Ann [b 1845].
2. James [b ca. 1847].
3. John Luther [b 30 May 1850; d 1853].
4. Mary Ida [b 1859].
5. Abbie Jane [b 1860].
6. Charles [b 13 Sept. 1862].
7. Jennie [b 22 Dec. 1864].
8. Henry Eugene [b 26 March 1868; d 1 May 1905 at Spencer, MA]. > E-18

Information on Luther and his descendants from Therese Fenner Boucher [E-18311 below].



[b 26 Mar. 1868 in CT; d 1 May 1905 at Spencer, MA] Henry Eugene m Julia E. McKernan [b 2 June 1874 at Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada; d 22 July 1940 in Worcester, MA] on 28 June 1890 at Monson, MA. She was the daughter of Charles McKernan and Catherine McDonnell. Henry Eugene died of pneumonia at age 36. The children were kept in an orphanage until the mother remarried.

1. Jennie [b Jan. 1892; d 15 Mar. 1973].
2. Charles Frances [b Dec. 1896]; died in WWII.
3. Harry James [b 17 Dec. 1897 at Spencer, MA; d 20 Oct. 1966 at Worchester, MA]. > E-183
4. Edward Raymond [b Apr. 1899; d Mar. 1975].
5. Essex William [b 1902; d Mar. 1970].
6. Luther [b 1903]. Adopted.



[b 17 Dec. 1897 at Spencer, MA; d 20 Oct. 1966 at Worcester, MA] Harry m Laura Julia Barton [b 27 Nov. 1903 at Malone, Franklin, NY; d 4 May 1958 at Worcester, MA], daughter of George Bertrand and Mary Tebo, on 27 Dec. 1920 in Worcester, MA.

1. Harry George [b 1 Dec. 1921; d 12 Oct. 2003]; m Claire Lois Young. > E-1831
2. Barbara Julia [b 31 Mar. 1923; d 2009]; m Wilfred Chenard [b 1914; d 5 May 1969] on 31 May 1941. They had Joan [1942], Janet [1944-2005], and Janice [1944].
3. Irene Gloria [b 21 April 1924; d 14 July 2001 at Medford, MA]; m Maurice Gibeault [d 20 Jan. 1990]. They had Marie (m Doug Whitman), Richard, and Donna.
4. Lillian June [b 11 Apr. 1926 at Worcester, MA]; m Joseph Mason [b 14 May 1922 at Worcester, MA; d 13 June 1997]. They had Joseph Michael [b 1949], Sandra [b 1951] (m Michael Horan), and Gail (married her cousin Robert Harry Fenner [E-18314]).
5. Raymond Felix [b 28 Feb. 1929; d September 1976].
6. Glen Edward [b 17 July 1931; d June 1996]; m Ethel B. Seagrave [b 1934]. > E-1836
7. Robert James [b 17 Aug. 1932; d Oct. 1987].
8. Claire Ruth [b 18 Sept. 1934 at Worcester, MA; d 4 June 1989]; m John F. Harrington. They had Edward Paul [1952-2009], Robert [1953-1953], Timothy [1954-], Kathleen Julia [1956-], Linda Ann [1957-1988] (m Glen Waller), and John F. [1959-].
9. Nancy Virginia [b 7 May 1936 at Worcester, MA; d November 1995 at Worcester]; m Robert H. Thienel [b 1933]. They had Laura [b 1960] and Robert [b 1961].
10. Charlotte Mary [b 9 October 1937]; had Robin Fenner [b 1955] by George N. Bakerlis [b 1931; d 1990]. She later m Alton Frederick Chase III [b 1933; d 16 Sept. 1988].
11. Charles Francis [b 9 October 1937 at Wor., MA; d March 1988]; m Shirley —. > E-183[11]
12. Baby boy [b/d 1938]; buried at Notre Dame Cemetery.
13. Baby girl [b/d 1939]; buried at Notre Dame Cemetery.
14. Richard Edward [b 4 March 1941]; m Ruth May Warren [b 1948]. They had Jason Raymond [b 1976].



[b 1 Dec. 1921 at Leicester, MA; d 12 October 2003 at Worcester, MA] Harry George Fenner m Claire Lois Young [b 28 February 1921 at East Brookfield, Worcester, MA; d 22 July 1975 at Worcester, MA] on 20 February 1943 at Worcester, MA. She was the daughter of Walter Young and Jeannia Derosier.

1. Therese Mary [b 16 Nov. 1947 at Worcester, MA]. > E-18311
2. Claire Lois [b 30 Jan. 1949 at Worcester, MA]; had Michelle Fenner [b 23 July 1989].
3. Jean Harriet [b 20 Feb. 1950 at Worcester, MA]; had David Walter (Beale) [b 1972], then m Thomas Beale. They had Moira Celia [b 1986], and Jonathan [b 1988].
4. Robert Harry [b 16 Jan. 1954 at Worcester, MA]; m Gail Mason. > E-18314
5. Susan Anne [b 8 July 1955]; m Mark Tougas.
6. Anne Barbara [b 10 October 1961 at Worcester, MA]; m Robert Moquin. They had Susan [b 5 Jan. 1979].



Glen Edward [b 17 July 1931; d June 1996] m Ethel B. Seagrave [b 1934].

1. James Robert [b 1953; d 2000]; m Kathy Bruzas. They had James R., Jason P., and Michelle L.
2. Walter Albertus [b 1955].
3. Raymond E. [b 1960]
4. Leo Edward [b 1962; d 2009].
5. Glenn Edward [b 1957].
6. Bernice Ann [b 1956].



Charles Francis [b 9 October 1937 at Wor., MA; d March 1988] m Shirley —. Not all the children were fathered by Charles.

1. James Michael [b 1959].
2. Charles Robert [b 1960].
3. Lynn Anne [b 1962].
4. Paul Joseph [b 1967].
5. Steven [b 1968].



[b 16 Nov. 1947 at Worcester, MA] She m John Joseph Boucher [b 29 June 1948 at Worcester, MA] on 30 October 1970 at Worcester, MA. He was the son of Louis Boucher and Mary O’Connor.

1. Rachel Anne [b 7 Aug. 1971 at Worcester, MA]; m Paul Edward Monaghan [b 8 April 1971] on 7 October 2001 at Northport, NY; had Michael E. [b 2005].
2. Peter John [b 19 August 1972 at Worcester, MA].
3. Mary Claire [b 24 December 1975 at Worcester, MA]; m Frank Michael Douglas [b 1 Sept. 1967] on 28 March 1998 at Melville, NY; had Brenna P. [b 2003], Keira A. [b 2006], and Nolan R. [b 2008].
4. Timothy Stephen [b 5 January 1980].
5. Catherine Lillian [b 23 September 1988].


[b 16 January 1954 at Worcester, MA] Robert m Gail A. Mason [b 2 June 1954 at Worcester, MA] on 8 June 1974 at Worcester, MA. Gail was his cousin, the daughter of Joseph Mason and Lillian Fenner.

1. Christopher [b 31 October 1976].
2. Tiffany [b 6 Nov. 1988].

F—Joseph Fenner & Clarissa Galpin



Joseph Fenner [b 16 May 1794 in RI; d 11 Jun. 1877 in Meriden, CT] m Clarissa Galpin [b 20 Feb. 1804; d 7 Dec. 1865]. 

1. Nathan G. [b 4 Aug. 1826; d 29 May 1902].
2. Lucy M. [b 9 July 1828 in NY; d 29 July 1909 in Springfield, MA] m John H. Spencer [1827-1909].
3. Jerry Booth [b 27 June 1834; d 12 June 1903] m Mary J. Mitchell [1837-1874]. > 13

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Jerry Booth Fenner [b 27 Jun. 1834; d 12 Jun. 1903 at Meriden, CT] m Mary J Mitchell [b 1 May 1837; d 4 May 1874].
1. William J. [b 1865 in CT; d 27 Apr. 1930 in Lynn, MA] m Jennie Moore [1865-1949].
2. Charles B. [b 6 Mar. 1867; d 30 Dec. 1883].
3. Frederick P. [Aug. 1871; d 28 Mar. 1949 at Meriden, CT] m Catherine Moon [1866-1936]. They had Laura [1898-1984], who m Arch Tremayne, and Charles M. [1903-1990].

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