Descendants of Capt. Arthur Fenner 

Darius Perry Fenner

[b 12 Oct. 1809 at Pompey, NY] Darius Perry Fenner m Candace Adaline Whitman [1809-1885] on 24 Aug. 1839. They went to the recently established and largely unsettled state of Michigan in search of a home. “With the exception of a neighbor who lived [nearby], there were no neighbors within 3 or 4 miles.”

Indians often came to see them. Darius being a mechanic, had all the necessary tools, among them a grindstone which was kept in one corner of the house. Some indians were paying them a visit one day, when a stalwart one of the their number, drawing a bowie knife from his belt, stepped to the grindstone and began sharpening it, the young wife in the meantime not knowing but the act betokened her murder; however, no harm came to any one from the sharpening of the knife, but she was very glad to see the indian depart. The indians generally were friendly except when intoxicated. Wild animals, especially wolves, frequently came very near the house. [Lucinda Fenner, History of the Fenner Family, p. 20]

By the time Darius died, the land around them had been settled, railroad tracks ran through town, and a telegraph and post office had been established.

  1. Macy [b 16 Dec. 1842; d 13 Feb. 1852].

  2. Roena [b 26 Dec. 1846; d 4 Feb. 1915] m Enos N. Burt.

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