Descendants of Captain Arthur Fenner

Arthur Fenner & Mary Olney, Barbara Slade


Map showing the location of Fenner's Wharf (top left) and the progression of the Gaspee Incident (

[b 17 Oct. 1699; d 21 Jan. 1788] Arthur Fenner m 1st Mary Olney [b 30 Sept 1704; d 18 Mar. 1756, age 54 yrs., 5 mos., 18 days] on 2 June 1723, by James Jenckes, Deputy Governor. Mary was the daughter of Capt. James Olney and Hallelujah Brown. They lived in Providence and attended the First Baptist Church in America. On 19 Dec. 1762, Arthur m 2nd Barbara (Mason) Slade [d 3 May 1801 in her 83rd yr.], daughter of Joseph Mason and Elizabeth Barney and widow of William Slade. Barbara was buried in Somerset, MA.

Arthur Fenner owned Fenner's Wharf, a parcel of waterfront property in Providence at what is now 155 South Main Street. It was used as the launching point for the Gaspee Affair (June 9-10, 1772). Arthur was investigated for his involvement but cleared, owing mainly to his age at the time (72). 

In 1762, Arthur was an original petitioner for the charter of Brown University (PDF).

Children by Mary Olney:

1. Freelove [b 25 Aug. 1723; d before 1733]
2. Sarah [b 10 Sept. 1725; d before 28 April 1741]
3. John [b 17 Apr. 1727; d before 2 Oct 1739]
4. James [b 9 Feb. 1730; d 25 Oct. 1751] m Freelove Whipple.
5. Arthur [b 12 Oct. 1732; d before 1740]
6. Joseph [b 8 Nov. 1734; d 17 Nov. 1751].
7. Mary [b 15 May 1737] m Ebenezer Rumreill [b 4 Aug. 1736 at Newport, RI] on 7 Feb. 1760 at Providence.
8. John [b 2 Oct. 1738/9; d 28 Nov. 1821] m Phebe Brown on 11 June 1758.
9. Sarah [b 28 Apr. 1741; d 3 Jan. 1756, age 14 yrs., 8 mos., 8 days].
10. Freelove [b 13 July 1743; d 11 May 1820] m Capt. Simon Smith on 23 Mar. 1766 at Providence.
11. Arthur [b 10 Dec. 1745; d 15 Oct. 1805] Governor of Rhode Island, m Amey Comstock ca. 1768.
12. Lydia [b 1 Mar. 1748; d 1 June 1801] m Theodore Foster, Congressman.

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